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Art Direction Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy New York, New York
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 1",
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 2",
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 3",
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 4",
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 5",
"Think Patent X 20 Posters 6",
" Think Patent X 20 Posters 7",
" Think Patent X 20 Posters 8"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
  • Client Account Director:
    Ann Rubin
  • Agency:
    Ogilvy & Mather , New York
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Steve Simpson
  • Creative Directors:
    Steve Simpson
    Susan Westre
    Mike Hahn
    Ryan Blank
    Marcos Ribeiro
    Jeff Curry
    Sam Mazur
    Rob Morrison
    Alfonso Marian
  • Copywriters:
    Fred Kovey
    Anne Davidson
    Joe Perry
    Lauren Miller
    Andrew Mellen
    Lauren Elkins
    Daniela Beneti
    Jet Aw
  • Art Directors:
    Denise Zurilgen
    Jillian Abramson
    Susan Murphy
    Eddie Pak
    Okan Usta
    Bruna Gonzales
    Vinicius Siepierski
    Luis Paulo Gatti
    Renato Rozenber
    Mussashi Shintaku
    Gini Lim
    Fiona Seton
    Steve Baggage
  • Design Director:
    Sid Tomkins
  • Photographers:
    Christian Weber
    Craig Cutler
    Jake Chessum
    Pict Estudio
  • Illustrators:
    Carl De Torres
    I Love Dust
    La Mosca
    Luke Watkins
    Johnny Budden
    Faruk Kalaycioglu
    Matt Luckhurst
  • Description of the Project:
  • Last year, IBM earned 6,478 patents?the most of any U.S. company ?for a record 20th straight year. While the innovations and achievement are spectacular, the patent documents themselves are utterly underwhelming. We were charged with the task of showcasing the record, and marking the occasion, in a manner worthy of the achievement. This would take the shape of 20
    unique posters, each illustrating one patented invention.
    We whittled 65,000 possible IBM innovations down to a shortlist of 20. Then 20 creative teams from 5 continents reinterpreted the patent documents. Abstract diagrammatic flow-charts became abstract artwork. Pages of wonky legalese were rewritten and translated visually into a form anyone could enjoy.
    Since the late '50s, IBM has led the world in cutting-edge graphic design imbued with the power to make you THINK. These could be no exception. But this time, we'd have to define, describe,
    and catch the beauty of 20 insanely complex technologies ? some of which aren't even on the market yet. They existed only as concepts, written in the tortured and abstract language of patent filings. We wanted you to see IBM as a font of phenomenally smart creativity with a purpose. We wanted to make art you'd hang on your wall forever; and inspire IBMers ?and the world.