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Entrant: GPY&R Melbourne, Melbourne
Defence Force Recruiting
"Air Force FM"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Defence Force Recruiting
  • Client Account Directors:
    Kate Mathias
    Tim Bowden
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Sally Borda
    Alice Mason
    Julian Bell
  • Account Director - Y&R Singapore:
    Avril Lim
  • Agency:
    GPY&R Melbourne , Melbourne
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Tony Granger
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Ben Coulson
  • Chief Creative Officer - Y&R Singapore:
    Marcus Rebeschini
  • Creative Director - Y&R Singapore:
    Toh HanMing
  • Copywriter:
    Psembi Kinstan
  • Copywriter - Y&R Singapore:
    Adam Miranda
  • Art Director:
    Joe Sibley
  • Art Directors - Y&R Singapore:
    Brad Wilson
    Kon Marinis
  • Production Director:
    Bruce Patterson
  • Production Manager - Y&R Singapore:
    Benny Quak
  • Creative Technologist:
    Brett Harris
  • Sound Design Company:
    Risk Sound , Melbourne
  • Sound Designer:
    Paul Baxter
  • Description of the Project:
    Find the most skilled radio technicians for roles in the Australian Air Force.
    We created a dedicated Air Force radio station. But before you could hear it, you had to build a radio. At university events, engineering expos and through the mail, engineering students were given packs with everything they needed to construct a functioning FM radio. Except one thing, instructions.
    Candidates proved their problem solving and technical skills; wiring, soldering and assembling the radio. Once complete, students tuned to Air Force FM, our radio station created just for this campaign. The station broadcast our ad on loop, instantly offering successful students a fast track to an exciting career.
    Air Force FM achieved its target of finding the most skilled recruits, and put the Air Force brand into homes across the country, as a working FM radio.
    The Australian Defence Force prohibit the disclosure of any information pertaining to specific recruitment targets or military personnel.