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Live Events - Beyond Advertising

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett New York, New York
The Village Voice Newspaper
"New York Writes Itself//8 Million Protagonists"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    The Village Voice Newspaper
  • Client Account Directors:
    Josh Fromson, Publisher
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Tom Flanagan, MD
  • Account Executive:
    Emily Brau
  • Agency:
    Leo Burnett New York , New York
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Mark Tutssel
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Jay Benjamin
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Michael Canning
    Kieran Antill
  • Copywriter:
    Simen Braathen
  • Script Writer:
    Caitlin Gallo
  • Senior Art Director:
    Stian Bugten
  • Executive Agency Producer:
    Jeremy Fox
  • Agency Producer:
    Shaina Stigler
  • Graphic Designer:
    Steven Jordao
  • Production Companies:
    LB Entertainment; Bill Thomas , New York
  • Director:
    Stephen Bishop Seely
  • Cultural Architect:
    Max Goodwin
  • Choreographer:
    Jimmy Burgio
  • Music and Sound:
    Big Foote Music + Sound
    Heard City
    Sophie Zamchick
    Maryanna Sokol
    Dana Hartman
    World War
  • Description of the Project:
  • Village Voice is an editorial channel that has a heritage of capturing the real, uncensored voice of New York. Our challenge was prove this brand position, and at the same time, re-establish the Village Voice as the go-to source of arts and culture. The objective was to re-establish the Village Voice as the real uncensored voice of New York, and a brand that is in touch with New Yorkers and the cultural scene of the city. Our strategy was to create a campaign that would not just advertise the Village Voice, but would give New Yorkers a new way to get involved in the creation of cultural content with the brand. The solution was ‘New York Writes’, a simple online destination for New Yorkers to write down the real, uncensored stories they see and hear on the streets everyday. In 2012, a collection of the best stories submitted were woven together to create the script for a first of its kind Off-Broadway play, called ‘8 Million Protagonists’. The show brought the real, uncensored stories and experiences of New Yorkers to life on stage in the plot of a typical day in NYC, and the melting pot of characters you meet. ‘8 Million Protagonists’ is the first entirely crowd sourced play of its kind.