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Direct Marketing

Silver Winner

Entrant: OgilvyAction, Düsseldorf
Kontor Records
"Back to Vinyl - The Office Turntable"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Kontor Records GmbH
  • Advertising Agency:
    OgilvyAction, Düsseldorf
    OgilvyOne , Frankfurt
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Stephan Vogel
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Martin Seele
    Uwe Jakob
  • Copywriters:
    Martin Seele
    Mike Bayfield
  • Art Directors:
    Tobias von Aesch
    Klaus Martin Michaelis
  • Head of Project Management:
    Hanna von Schultz
  • Technical Director:
    Jens Steffen
  • Creative Assistant:
    Daniel Siegel
    Esra Bueyuekdoganay
  • Production Company:
    NHB Studios (Mathias Rewig) , Düsseldorf
  • Description of the Project:
  • Kontor wanted to promote the new Boris Dlugosch release to the advertising industry, targeting the world’s most un-impressible audience: creative directors.
    Just like every good DJ knows – the answer is real vinyl. But, few creative directors own a turntable. So, together with the vinyl, we mailed them one.
    Our audience just had to put the disc on the ‘turntable’, activate the QR code, place their phone over the record and listen to the track.
    71% of the 900 QR codes were activated (64% more than the average response).
    42% followed the link to the Kontor Online Store.