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Poster Campaign

Silver Winner

Entrant: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Bureau Kikuchi / Corporate Image
"Kikuchi Naruyoshi : Jazz 1",
"Kikuchi Naruyoshi : Jazz 2",
"Kikuchi Naruyoshi : Jazz 3",
"Kikuchi Naruyoshi : Jazz 4"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Bureau Kikuchi
  • Agency:
    Hakuhodo Inc. , Tokyo
  • Creative Director:
    Yusuke Ono
  • Art Director:
    Yusuke Ono
  • Concept/Cultural Reference:
  • I have wanted to create a "wonder" poster in which "timbre" seems to appear.
    That's because Kikuchi Naruyoshi's music is having "reverberations" kept in the heart.
    The reverberations represent the ripples.
    And the shape of the ripples is similar to the loudspeaker.
    By illusion I wanted to bring out the sound by lighting the ripples.
    Naruyoshi Kikuchi, who is one of the most popular Jazz musicians in Japan, started his own label.
    I was asked to create a poster in which "no one has ever seen before".
    Posters which represents Kikuchi's sense of music, and to decorate the entrance of his new company.
    As final I was able to come out with the idea, by using the laser cut technique and making a very tiny holes in the poster, transmitting light through the poster, I can bring out the pictures of the ripples.
    This is a new idea in which "light is used as ink".
    Depending on the light, different kind of "timbre" will appear in visual, as though sparkles are flowing from the black poster.
    Not only in his company, but surprisingly the number of his fans entering the Live House increased tremendously and created a record due to the successfulness of the posters.
    Soon after that he appeared on TV one after another.
    In Japan, he has become to be an exceptional Jazz Musician.