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Business-to-Business Campaign


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Entrant: Ogilvy Germany
ZMG (Newspaper Marketing Association)
"Ads meet News - Banana",
"Ads meet News - Beer",
"Ads meet News - Burger",
"Ads meet News - Cleaner",
"Ads meet News - Toothpaste"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    ZMG (Newspaper Marketing Association)
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Xenia Kern
    Fabio Sanfilippo
  • Agency:
    Ogilvy Germany
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Dr. Stephan Vogel
  • Creative Directors:
    Nico Ammann
    Helmut Meyer
    Lothar Mueller
  • Copywriters:
    Martin Gillan
    Dr. Stephan Vogel
  • Art Director:
    Nico Ammann
  • Graphics:
    Peter Belz
    Annette Schmitt
    Lukas Bausch
    Asae Tanaka
  • Post-Production:
    Andreas Doria
  • Client Account Directors:
    Dr. Joachim Donnerstag
    Markus Ruppe
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Matthias Storath
  • Art Buyer:
    Magdalena Ignatowski
  • Description of the Project:
  • To demonstrate the power of advertising in newspapers in a time where potential clients and advertisers are more and more spending their money on other media.
    ZMG is the German Newspaper Marketing Association. The campaign had to show that in this traditional media, ads get more attention. The campaign had to appeal to potential clients and advertisers – from local to national level – to spend their advertising money on newspaper ads.
    We wanted to demonstrate that ads get more attention in the newspapers. That’s why, we used powerful news photography and combined it with simple products that are being advertised in the newspapers every day. The news and the ad meet each other in one single image and the ad gets all the attention.
    The campaign is stiring up a lot of conversation in the target market: media buyers, advertisers and potential clients are realising that ads in newspapers are still powerful and effective.