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Medium Category Award Entrant Entrant City Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Company City Country Corporate Name of Client Client Account Director(s) Agency Account Director(s) Agency Advertising Agency City Global Chief Creative Officer(s) Chief Creative Officer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Director(s) of Integrated Production Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Agency Music Producer(s) Creative Technologist Social Media Strategist Programmer(s) Production Manager(s) Design Company Design Company City Design Director(s) Designer(s) Graphic Designer(s) Photography Studio Photography Studio City Photographer(s) Illustration Company Illustration Company City Illustrator(s) Production Company Production Company City Director(s) Senior Executive Producer(s) Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) of Photography Cinematographer(s) Digital Production Company Digital Production Company City Digital Director(s) Senior Integrated Producer(s) Interactive Producer(s) Technical Creative Director(s) Technical Developer(s) Technical Director(s) Flash Developer(s) Flash Designer(s) Line Producer(s) Digital Designer(s) Post-Production Company Post-Production Company City VFX Company VFX Company City VFX Supervisor(s) Additional Effects By Animation Company Animation Company City Animator(s) Editing Facility Editing Facility City Editor(s) Sound Design Company Sound Design Company City Sound Designer(s) Scored By Audio Engineer(s) Music Production Company Music Production Company City Music Producer(s) Music Arranger(s) Music Composer(s) Music Lyricist(s) Music Performed By Description of the project Additional Credit
The NEW The NEW Gold Winner AgenciaClick Isobar São Paulo SKY Brasil "SKY REC" AgenciaClick Isobar São Paulo BRAZIL SKY Brasil Marcelo Miranda André Chueri AgênciaClick Isobar Fred Saldanha Diego Araújo Fred Saldanha/Daniel Boa Nova Diego Araújo/Paulo Medeiros Vinícius Maffeis/Michael Candido/Patrícia Fernandes André Michels/Marcelo Ficotto Fabio Del Rio/Ricardo Melo Every day Sky TV Tweets a schedule of not-to-be-missed programs. But now, if a Sky client wants to see the program at home later, they just need to retweet with hashtag #SkyRec and the program will be recorded automatically at their home. Young people are spending more time on social networks. Our goal is to exploit this habit to reach viewers of Sky TV programming and make sure nobody misses a program. SkyRec is a hashtag which records a program at your home, wherever you are. An innovation by Sky HDTV that makes new use of Twitter. Account Manager: Rodolfo Campitelli; Project Manager: Eduardo Maruxo/Mariana Andrade
The NEW The NEW Gold Winner Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg E.ON "Sweden's Largest Energy Saving Experiment" Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg SWEDEN E.ON Maria Rode Stefan Rudels/Katarina Klofsten/Michael Yngfors Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg Jonas Enghage/Leo Magnusson Anton Robsarve/Pål Eneroth Stefan Thomson/Alexander Blidner Jonas Skoglund Anna Levegård Marc Eastmond/Icka Samrin/Magnus Almberg Henrik Lange Sara Haag AB Society 46 Morningdew Media/Redpipe Planner: Tobias Nordström; Media Agency: Carat
The NEW The NEW Gold Winner JWT Cairo Cairo Vodafone "Fakka" JWT Cairo Cairo EGYPT Vodafone Egypt Riman Ramadan Shahira Akel JWT Cairo Ramsey Naja Sameh George/Youssef Gadallah Baher Raouf/Rami El Kerdani Khaled Zaki ASAP Cairo Mariam Abu Ouf Vodafone planned to launch the Micro Recharge Cards: offering a smaller denomination of prepaid cards small-sized mini vouchers that offer the user a variety of additional minutes to enjoy for small values of money that vary from 50 Piasters to 2.00EGP. The idea behind the Micros was to acquire a bigger share of the consumer wallet, through enjoying the Micros instead of just change. The Micros can be also compared with FMCG products such as chewing gum, sweets and other products that are given to the customers instead of change. Once the user charges the card they are entitled to consume extra minutes featured on the micro-card. Account Executive: Clotilde Malauzat; Account Manager: Nihal Nashed; Planning Directors: Hatem El Kashef/Shady Abdellatif
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner AKQA London Nike/Microsoft Studios "Nike+ Kinect Training" AKQA London UNITED KINGDOM NIKE/ Microsoft Studios Geoff Northcott/Brian Snyder AKQA London James Hilton Duan Evans Robert Thomsen Hari Bajwa Xavier Jacob/James Chorley "Nike+ Kinect Training is as good as a real trainer and costs less than 1hr's lesson." - Chris Anderson: Former Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine. The best-selling Xbox Kinect title of the holiday season was created by a brand: Nike+ Kinect Training. We started in 2010 with a vision to democratize personal training, merging Nike’s expertise in training with Microsoft’s Kinect tracking technology. There was no benchmark for fitness capability, so we partnered with sports scientists to invent one. Algorithmic intelligence means every workout is fresh and personalized to you. By tracking your movement to a skeletal level we deliver precise feedback exactly when you need it. Live video streamed challenges bringing social training to your home. Nike+ Kinect Training gives everyone a personal trainer 24/7, helping the world to get fit and stay fit and creating meaningful connections with Nike every day. Senior Global Director: Tesa Aragones; Senior Project Manager: Taraneh Khosrowshahi; Senior Designer: Patrick Lendrum; Designer: Stephanie Lindgren/Ben Parisot; Game Developer: Sumo Digital LTD; Game Designer: Ben Gonshaw
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner JWT New York New York Macy's "Yes, Virginia The Musical" JWT New York New York UNITED STATES Macy's Joe Feczko/Betsy Spence/Audrey De Shong Claire Capeci/Ariel Stern/Vanessa Reid/Amy Achenbaum JWT New York New York Craig Love/Shayne Millington Justine Cotter Raihana Halim/Ben Chiang Mike Geiger Macy's Parade And Entertainment Group Wesley Whatley William Schermerhorn GVP Media Relations/Vp National Media Relations/Director Media Relations: Robin Reibel/Holly Thomas/Julie Strider; GVP/Media/Evp Digital Media/Multicultural Advertising: Tony Giannini/Jen Kasper; GVP Marketing Strategy/Senior Marketing Manager: Serena Potter/Nicole Mason; Chief Creative Officer North America: Jeff Benjamin; Co-Chief Creative Officers New York: Matt Macdonald/Ryan Kutscher; Senior Broadcast Producer/Senior Line Producer: Andrea Curtin/Atalie Kessler; Head Of Production: Sergio Lopez; Executive Producer: Robin Feldman; Project Manager: Lindsey Allen; Executive Digital Producers: Margaret Mclaughlin/Vanessa Scanlan; Director of Digital Production: Paul Sutton
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner Kolle Rebbe Hamburg Haelssen & Lyon "The Tea Calendar" Kolle Rebbe GmbH Hamburg GERMANY Hälssen & Lyon GmbH Pia C. Schlotfeldt Kira Middendorf Kolle Rebbe Hamburg Sascha Hanke Heiko Schmidt/Kay Eichner Julia Meissner Patrick Schroeder Julia Rudloff Martin Luehe Inch Design Service Hamburg Alexander de Luckowicz - Virus Alexander Steinhoff - Virus No Limits Music and Entertainment Ralf Goldkind The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is the first calendar with days made from tealeaves. Thanks to an entirely new manufacturing process that makes each of the 365 days out of tea, they can be individually detached and brewed in hot water like regular tea. Hälssen & Lyon’s customers, suppliers, and business partners who received the tea calendar could enjoy the authentic taste of the innovative and diverse tea products from the company. Each calendar day proves that the company is one of the most innovative tea manufacturers in the world.
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner Ogilvy New York New York IBM Research "A Boy and His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie" Ogilvy New York New York UNITED STATES IBM Ann Rubin Kimberly Duffy/Nicole Vilalte/Kaitlin Giannetti/Carin Pinto Ogilvy & Mather New York Steve Simpson Mike Hahn/Ryan Blank Susan Westre Niels West/ Ricardo Leme Lopes Lauren Costa Ramona Todoca Lee Weiss Karl Westman 1stAveMachine Brooklyn Nico Casavecchia Sam Penfield/Leanne Amos Eloi Moli 1stAveMachine Brooklyn 1stAveMachine Brooklyn Greg Anderson Punga Hooligan New York Peter Mostert Heard City New York Evan Mangiamele/Jodi Levine/Philip Loeb Karl Westman This is, literally, the world's smallest movie. It's made of atoms — one of the smallest particles of any element in the universe. Just how small is an atom? Well, to see one, you need to magnify it 100 million times. In other words, there are about a five million atoms in the period at the end of this sentence. Each frame of this film was made by moving hundreds of atoms to their exact placements by the scientists at IBM Research — Almaden. The frames were combined into an animation, now the Guinness World Records ™ record holder for World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film, that tells the story of a boy and a wayward atom who meet and become friends. IBM SCIENTIST/ANIMATOR: Andreas Heinrich/Christopher Lutz/Ileana Rau/Susanne Bowman
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner Wieden+Kennedy New York New York Delta Air Lines "Photon Shower" Wieden+Kennedy New York New York UNITED STATES Delta Air Lines Judd Hooks Donald Nathan Stewert Wieden+Kennedy New York New York Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal Sean McLaughlin/John Parker/Erik Norin Lora Schulson Victoria Estevez Nexus Interactive Arts London Luke Ritchie Ulla Winkler FX Gody Max Wogan Andrea Cuius Nexus Interactive Arts Creative Director: Sitraka Rakotoniaina; Animators: Mark Davies/Elliott Kajdan/Nathan Bayliss
The NEW The NEW Silver Winner Y&R South Africa Cape Town Hope Soap "Hope Soap" Y&R South Africa Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA Blikkiesdorp4Hope and Safety Lab Rowena Fester Y&R South Africa Cape Town Tony Granger Graham Lang Rui Alves Nkanyezi Masango/Graham Krige Justin Joshua/Rowan Foxcroft/Gareth Owen/Ayesha Mukadam Ashleigh Hamilton Rory Bonnes Aimee Pozniak The Fraternity Cape Town Gareth Place Paul Charles Challenge: In South Africa, thousands die every year in disadvantaged areas from preventable diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea, pneumonia and cholera. This is due to lack of hygiene. Worst of all, the diseases affect the most vulnerable and innocent - our children. No more is it true than in Blikkiesdorp, an informal settlement in the Western Cape, South Africa. We worked with Blikkiesdorp4hope, an accredited NGO backed by the Safety Lab, an organisation that works with the City of Cape Town. They wanted to increase awareness of hand hygiene and create a habit of hand washing among children in Blikkiesdorp. Solution: We created Hope Soap. A see-through bar of soap with a small toy inside. The only way to get to the toy is to use up the soap. Community leaders from Blikkiesdorp4hope handed out free bars of Hope Soap to disadvantaged children. The toy incentivised the kids to repeatedly wash their hands with their free bar of soap. Results: Hope Soap encouraged a change in the behaviour of children in Blikkiesdorp, by instilling the habit of hand washing. Frequent hand washing reduces illnesses by 70% and respiratory infections by 75%. In the end, the children’s small reward was a toy, but South Africa’s big reward was hope for a healthier nation.
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Cheil Worldwide Seoul Samsung Life Insurance "Bridge of Life" Cheil Worldwide Seoul KOREA Samsung Life Insurance Jungho Park Cheil Worldwide Seoul Jeongkeun Yoo Joohoon Lee Youngjun Kim/Yukyung Joo/Yongkyu Choi/Jieun Park Hyungkyun Oh/Jaeyeon Kim/Minjoo Kim/Jiyeon Choi/Jinwoo Ryu/Chaehoon Lee Choi ji-won/Song dong-ik Giringreem Film Seoul Lee jae-chul Dukwon Jang Youchan Shin Chang-hwa Yeo
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Grip Limited Toronto Kokanee "The Movie Out Here" Grip Limited. Toronto CANADA Labatt Breweries of Canada Grip Limited Toronto Scott Dube/Randy Stein Ian Simpson Catherine Allen Laurie Maxwell Andy Slater Infinity Films David Hicks Todd Harrison Section Eight/Poster Boy/Finale/Notch/Axys/CrushThe Juggernaut Griff Henderson Post Modern/Jingle Punks Kokanee is a Western Canadian beer brand with a history of engaging consumers in unconventional ways. But people expect the unexpected from Kokanee, so we needed to engage them in a way that had never been done before. Ever. The big idea was to create a 90-minute movie to be released in theatres that our fans would participate in. The Beer Out Here would announce The Movie Out Here on TV, outdoor, online and social media. Consumers were encouraged to help “make” the movie. Online, they could audition for various roles, submit their own props, enter a song to be on the soundtrack, or vote for their favourite bar to be used as a key location. They could even get their name in the closing credits. Special packaging and movie collectibles like glassware were also created. While the movie was shooting, consumers had online access to behind-the-scenes videos where they could follow the production. After the movie was shot, Kokanee gave consumers the opportunity to attend premieres through an online and experiential activations. The movie premiered in November 2012 at the Whistler Film Festival and was released in cinemas across Western Canada on March 1, 2013. Yes, fans lined up to see their favourite brand on the big screen. Account Services: John Miller/Martin McClorey/Brendon Sargent/Matthew Yip/Sarah Henderson/Eric Vieira/Adam Luck/Aaron Nemtean; Screenwriter(s): Rich Pryce-Jones/David Chiavegato/Matthew Bass; Interactive Art Director(s): Joel Holtby/Hiten Patel/Ryan Dzur; Interactive Developer(s): Dylan Dempsey/Justin Krinke/Zack Ginie/ Hanna Chen; Interactive Writer: Naeem Ghafari; Studio: Teegan Skals/Rob Wigingto/ AJ Merrick/Patrick Robinson/Jody Wagner/Steve Errett/Nico Mexner/Matt Maian; Director of Photography: Samy Inayeh
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Leo Burnett Sydney Coca-Cola "Small World Machines" Leo Burnett Sydney AUSTRALIA Coca-Cola Bob Raidt/Katie Nikolaus Leo Burnett Sydney/Chicago Mark Tutssel Andy DiLallo Grant McAloon/Vince Lagana/Dave Loew/Jon Wyville/Sebastian Garin Iggy Rodriguez Justin Carew/Andy DiLallo Adrian Gunadi Stephen Clark/Michelle Brown/Susannah DiLallo Highlight Films Patrick Fileti Patrick Fileti Song Zu Sydney Song Zu Sydney The task was to bring to life Coca-Cola’s new ‘Crazy for Good’ strategy in an optimistic and powerful way. Reinforcing Coca-Cola’s values and proving that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart us. To do this Coca-Cola put themselves between two nations who have been in conflict for over 60 years: India and Pakistan. It then connected them with a live communication portal like no other: Small World Machines. Over 3 days, the machines allowed Indians and Pakistanis to share an all too rare moment of happiness. Each machine is equipped with body length touchscreens invented for the campaign. Allowing for the projection of an image on the screen, while filming a subject standing before it, they are the first screens ever to allow eye-to-eye contact and physical interaction. A flash animated interface prompted the sharing of messages of peace, love and happiness. Each participant was rewarded with a bespoke can of Coca-Cola bearing the languages of the 2 countries. 2nd Unit Director: Angus Forbes; Technology Partner: The Super Group
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Mistress Los Angeles Hot Wheels "Hot Wheels For Real - Double Loop Dare" Mistress Venice UNITED STATES Mattel Inc Simon Waldron/Felix Holst Christian Jacobsen/Jens Stoelken/Brittany Driscoll Mistress Los Angeles Damien Eley/Scott Harris Guy Helm/Shelley Chidley Elisa Tan Kay Lynn Dutcher Blake Marquis Bandito Brothers Los Angeles Mike 'Mouse' McCoy Suzanne Hargrove Ryan Slavin Mitchell Amundsen Cantina Creative Los Angeles Sean Cushing/Stephen Lawes Bandito Brothers Los Angeles Jeff Tober Lime Mark Meyuhas The objective of this project was to use rich entertainment content rather than traditional advertising to spread Hot Wheels' global brand messaging to a bigger audience than just the core young boy, making it relevant to boys of ALL ages. The solution was to create an epic, globally distributed, episodic story based around real characters, stunts and a Double Loop toy. The fictional episodes' rich storyline talked to kids while a world record Double Loop at the X Games and viral corkscrew jump extended the Hot Wheels story to a massive older audience. 11 episodes of global branded entertainment content unfolding via TV, online, social media and live events. Two world records. Distributed to 204 countries. 67 million organic views. Over 3 billion media impressions. One brand huge story. No traditional advertising.
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Sport Club Recife "Immortal Fans" Ogilvy Brasil Sao Paulo BRAZIL Sport Club Recife Gabriel Freire Luis Carlos Franco/Ana Paula Perdigão Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Anselmo Ramos Roberto Fernandez/Paco Conde Paco Conde Paco Conde João Coutinho Gilberto Filho/Patricia Cortes/Veronica Beach/Renata Neumann Ramon Muniz Daniel Tartaro/Tatiana Michelan Tulio Inoue/Thiago Bancaro/Guilherme Todorov Lost Planet Krystn Wagenberg/Marcela Borseau/Jacks Genega/Casey Cayko Sonido/Adelphoi Music London Lucas Duque/Bernardo Massot/Geraldo Cortes/Greg Moore/Jamie Masters Head Of Client Service: Valeria Barone; Account Supervisor: Mauro Frota/Amanda Madeiros/Tomaz Praça; Planner: Bruno Cunha/Camila Coelho; Production Company: Homem de Lata (Alê Braga/Deko Schmidt/Marcela Borseau); UXD: Rodrigo Lima/Pablo Moura
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Ogilvy Paris Paris Scrabble "Scrabble WiFi" Ogilvy Paris Paris FRANCE Mattel Anne-Laure Abraham Julien de Beauvoir Ogilvy Paris Paris Chris Garbutt Cedric Gueret/Kurt Novack Remy Aboukrat Chris Rowson Erick Soulard To excite people about Scrabble, we created Scrabble WiFi - a playful way to turn words into WiFi passwords. We encouraged smartphone users in public spaces to create a Scrabble word, and rewarded them with what they needed: a free WiFi Connection. Words' scores were converted into free minutes of internet connection. We wanted to surprise and reach our audience where they weren't expecting to be reached. We did this by utilising 'available networks' pop-up windows on WiFi enabled mobile devices. A branded Scrabble WiFi van travelled around cities, delivering WiFi connections in spaces where people needed it most, proving that words really can unlock a world of fun. Developer: Michel Guilhermet; Motion Designer: Bastien Baumann
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner Publicis London London The Depaul Box Company "The Depaul Box Company" Publicis London London UNITED KINGDOM Depaul UK Will Arnold-Baker/Anthony Harris Publicis London London Andy Bird Leo Bellis-Jones/Joshua Norbury Leo Bellis-Jones/Joshua Norbury Debbie Burke/Colin Hickson Bryan Riddle Mark Wesley Simon Frost David Clarke Paul Sparrow Depaul UK, a youth homeless charity with limited marketing budget, asked us to help raise funds that they desperately needed. The traditional charity marketing model relies on getting people to care enough about the cause to donate. But in an increasingly crowded market, the traditional model wasn’t working. So we set out to find a new fundraising model. Rather than relying on sympathy, we started being useful. Cardboard boxes are associated with people sleeping rough, and every year millions of people use boxes to move house. What if we could change that association and help thousands of people in the process? We launched The Depaul Box Company, a business selling cardboard boxes to home movers, with all the profit helping the homeless move off the street. Our audience doesn’t have to spend a penny more than they otherwise would do. But when they buy our boxes, they help save lives. This wasn’t simply the launch of an ad campaign, this was the launch of a business. ATL advertising shot the Depaul Box Company off the starting blocks. Press packs (well, press boxes) were created for influential journalists, with PR and social media activity driving consumers to – an e-commerce site selling packs of boxes. By partnering with leading estate agents and student accommodation providers, we reached house movers at the point they really needed us to. Orders came in, and we delivered. The boxes themselves act as a canvas to spread the word of Depaul’s great work, featuring illustrations and stories of real homeless people they’ve helped. They act as a highly visible reminder of the issue at a highly relevant time. Even better – it gives people a reason to feel good about the choice they’ve made. The first batch of 6,000 boxes sold out in just a few weeks, and a second order for 10,000 has been placed. And we’ve already begun to expand into archive boxes, with two large pre-orders already placed. Not only have people been supportive with their wallets, but they’ve also been keen to pass the message on too. We’ve been overwhelmed with messages of support and some people have even sent in photographs of the boxes in use. There are countless uses for cardboard boxes – packaging, self-storage, even Amazon could use our boxes. The Depaul Box Company will continue to expand and fund the fight against youth homelessness. We’ve provided Depaul UK with a sustainable model on which to build their future, and perhaps a model for other charities to help plan their futures too. We turned the humble cardboard box into a lifesaver. Planner: Ben Worden; Digital Producers: Ken Blake/Luisa Mioni
The NEW The NEW Bronze Winner TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing "Marionettebot" TBWA HAKUHODO Tokyo JAPAN UNITED ARROWS LTD. Mitsunori Fujisawa/Yasuo Uno/Toru Dodo/Tatsuya Kimura/Ikuko Watanabe Akira Henmi/Yukari Toyooka TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo Kazoo Sato Kanako Ishioroshi - Hakuhodo Katsuhiro Shimizu So we launched a campaign to innovate the show window – but not just to ‘digitize’ it – we wanted to bring it to life. We developed the world’s first interactive mannequins by incorporating Kinect sensor technology into a marionette. While show windows are less and less effective these days, we used the latest technology to turn the traditional media “show window” into a most innovative – and effective - medium. The strategy was to create a complete campaign that would engage potential customers on the street, motivate them to shop, and also encourage them to share the experience online. Interactive Planner: Sachiko Oyamada; Production - Taiyo Kikaku: Koji Eguchi/Hirotaka Tochihara/Maiko Shimada/Yuri Hirano/Shota Kusayanagi; Production - Rhizomatiks: Seiichi Saito/Motoi Ishibashi/Yoichi Sakamoto/Hiroyuki Hori/Hiroyasu Kimura; Sensor Programmer: Takashi Suzuki - buffer renaiss; Device Craft: Yukio Akiba - gadget; Device Programming: Tomohiro Akagawa - atelier omoya; Marionette: Shoichiro Matsuoka; Hair & Make Up: Noboru Tomizawa
The NEW The NEW Finalist BBDO Germany Berlin BUND "Tree Concert" BBDO Germany GmbH Duesseldorf GERMANY BUND - Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland Landesverband Berlin e.V. Andreas Jarfe D. Spakowski/S. Schlosser/J. Jonker/M. Luecker/F. Haegele/E. Dietzsch/C. Biggeleben/M. Groewe BBDO Proximity Berlin Berlin Wolfgang Schneider Jan Harbeck Lukas Liske Daniel Schweinzer Silke Rochow/Julia Diehl Gang of Berlin Berlin Mat Neidhardt/Friederike Seifert Steve Bergman/Alexej Alschiz Robert Bilz Kirsten Schulz Simon Baumann/Sebastian Lempe Kamil Garbacz ARRI Mitte Berlin Philipp Toegel Berlin loses thousands of city trees every year. "Friends of the Earth Germany" aims to stop this trend. Our idea: a one of a kind charity concert - with a chestnut tree as the musician. For him we built a unique instrument: each impact of a falling chestnut produced an artistic composition of sound and light. So the tree could play for his companions and collect donations. “Tree Concert“ gained massive media coverage and lead to a new donation record for the preservation of trees. Creative Managing Directors: Jan Harbeck/David Mously; Head of TV: Steffen Gentis; Concept Online: Yassin Taibi/René Bieder; Light Design: Sandra Glaser
The NEW The NEW Finalist BBDO New York New York Lowe's "Lowe's Vine Fix in Six" BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Lowe's F. Li/B. Estrada/T. Lamb/R. Barger/C. Ahern/B. Walters/M. Graven/N. Landesman/Z. Pentel BBDO New York New York David Lubars Wil Boudreau Dominick Baccollo Roberto Danino Danny Adrain David Rolfe Theresa Reyes BBDO New York New York Meagan Cignoli Interactive Producer: Daniel Murphy; Assistant Producer: Michael Gentile
The NEW The NEW Finalist DDB New York New York NYC Ballet "Les Ballets de Faile - Art Series" DDB New York New York UNITED STATES NYC Ballet DDB New York New York Matt Eastwood Menno Kluin Sean Labounty Rodrigo de Castro Joao Unzer Ed Zazzera Teri Altman/Nina Horowitz Brian Gartside Alec Helm New York City Ballet Art Series commissions contemporary artists to create original works of art inspired by their unique energy, spectacular dancers, and one-of-a-kind repertory of ballets. The artists were invited to pour over the company's archives and attend performances before creating the installation. The inaugural commission went to the Brooklyn-based urban art duo of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, better known as FAILE. They have created Tower of Faile, a 40-foot sculpture made of more than 2,000 wood blocks decorated with text and images inspired by the company's dance repertoire, pieced together in a Jenga-like pillar. The tower is part of the Les Ballets de Faile exhibition. It takes place in the theater promenade, where it can be viewed from five rings of balconies. Management Supervisor: Lauren Neuman; Account Executive: Cindy Nguyen; Brand Planning Director: Mary Bakarich; Head of Design: Juan Carlos Pagan
The NEW The NEW Finalist Duval Guillaume Modem Antwerp Smirnoff "Mindtunes" Duval Guillaume Antwerp BELGIUM Diageo Jessica Lace Dimitri Mundorff/Julie Maris/Kirby D’hooghe Duval Guillaume Modem Antwerp Geoffrey Hantson/Katrien Bottez Niels Sienaert Tim Schoenmaeckers Bart Vermijlen Stijn Janssens TRS Brussels Jan Boon Frederik Zaman DJ Fresh
The NEW The NEW Finalist GPY&R Melbourne Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting "Air Force FM" GPY&R Melbourne Melbourne AUSTRALIA Defence Force Recruiting Kate Mathias/Tim Bowden Sally Borda/Alice Mason/Julian Bell GPY&R Melbourne Melbourne Tony Granger Ben Coulson Psembi Kinstan Joe Sibley Brett Harris Risk Sound Melbourne Paul Baxter THE BRIEF Find the most skilled radio technicians for roles in the Australian Air Force. THE IDEA We created a dedicated Air Force radio station. But before you could hear it, you had to build a radio. At university events, engineering expos and through the mail, engineering students were given packs with everything they needed to construct a functioning FM radio. Except one thing, instructions. Candidates proved their problem solving and technical skills; wiring, soldering and assembling the radio. Once complete, students tuned to Air Force FM, our radio station created just for this campaign. The station broadcast our ad on loop, instantly offering successful students a fast track to an exciting career. THE RESULTS Air Force FM achieved its target of finding the most skilled recruits, and put the Air Force brand into homes across the country, as a working FM radio. The Australian Defence Force prohibit the disclosure of any information pertaining to specific recruitment targets or military personnel. Account Director - Y&R Singapore: Avril Lim; Chief Creative Officer - Y&R Singapore: Marcus Rebeschini; Creative Director - Y&R Singapore: Toh HanMing; Copywriter - Y&R Singapore: Adam Miranda; Art Directors - Y&R Singapore: Brad Wilson/Kon Marinis; Production Director: Bruce Patterson; Production Manager - Y&R Singapore: Benny Quak
The NEW The NEW Finalist Havas Worldwide Australia Sydney Durex "Durexperiment Fundawear" Havas Worldwide Australia North Sydney AUSTRALIA Reckitt Benckiser Australia Christopher Tedesco/Alex Russell/Kelly Benton Manuella Perche/Nicole Dongara Havas Worldwide Australia Sydney Steve Coll Jack Nunn Darren Cole/Nic Adamovich - Havas Worlwide Australia/Billie Whitehouse Finch Sydney Nick Hayden/Kim Mckay Ben Moir Senior TV Producer: Ros Payne; Digital Creative Director: Jay Morgan; Digital Art Director: Will Brown; Digital Project Director: Jeronimo De Leon; Community Manager: Margarita Peker
The NEW The NEW Finalist McCann Erickson New York Paper Denim & Cloth "Paper Denim & Cloth InstaShoot" McCann Erickson New York UNITED STATES Paper Denim & Cloth McCann New York New York Linus Karlsson/Andreas Dahlqvist Linus Karlsson/Andreas Dahlqvist Adam Ulvegärde/Robert Lund Brian DiLorenzo Wendy Leahy/Celeste Holt-Walters Jean Shim Josh Gross Josh Gross/Larry Kapit In the summer of 2012 we re-launched New York fashion brand Paper Denim & Cloth. They needed an exciting way to reintroduce itself to consumers. A premium denim brand that had been quiet for a few years, Paper was unveiling its first full clothing line, and it needed not only a fresh way to showcase its clothes, but to also tell the world it was back. We decided to make the progressive decision to shoot their lookbook live on Instagram, using only an iPhone camera, with no postproduction except the use of the Valencia-filter on every photograph. Graphics: Craig Donnelly; Post Producer: Jeff Fischer; Color: Juan Salvo; Music: Marmoset Music
The NEW The NEW Finalist OgilvyAction Düsseldorf Kontor Records "Back to Vinyl - The Office Turntable" OgilvyAction GmbH Düsseldorf GERMANY Kontor Records GmbH OgilvyAction, Düsseldorf/OgilvyOne Frankfurt Stephan Vogel Martin Seel/Uwe Jakob Martin Seele/Mike Bayfield Tobias von Aesch/Klaus Martin Michaelis NHB Studios Düsseldorf Kontor wanted to promote the new Boris Dlugosch release to the advertising industry, targeting the world’s most un-impressible audience: creative directors. Just like every good DJ knows – the answer is real vinyl. But, few creative directors own a turntable. So, together with the vinyl, we mailed them one. Our audience just had to put the disc on the ‘turntable’, activate the QR code, place their phone over the record and listen to the track. 71% of the 900 QR codes were activated (64% more than the average response). 42% followed the link to the Kontor Online Store. Head of Project Management: Hanna von Schultz; Creative Assistant: Daniel Siegel; Creative Assistant: Esra Bueyuekdoganay; Technical Director: Jens Steffen
The NEW The NEW Finalist R/GA New York McCormick "McCormick FlavorPrint" R/GA New York UNITED STATES McCormick R/GA New York FlavorPrint is a service that helps consumers decode the flavors they already love, and invites them to discover, share and bring new flavors into their homes. Consumers can seek or share a new recipe, answer a quiz about flavor preferences, even shop for groceries. The more consumers engage, the smarter the service becomes. Recipes and products all get a unique FlavorPrint mark, allowing you to determine if something’s right for you. Your own personal FlavorPrint mark is a representation of your flavor preferences and a way for you to discover new flavors that you may not have otherwise explored. Group Account Director - Client Services: Andrea Lennon; Managing Director - Planning: Andrea Ring; Group Executive Creative Director: Erin Lynch; SVP/Executive Creative Directors: Chloe Gottlieb/Taras Wayner; Creative Director - Visual: Andrew Eaton; Associate Creative Director - Copy: Colleen Harlan; Associate Creative Director - Visual: Mary Church; Group Technical Director: Micah Topping; Associate Creative Director - Data Visualization: Michael Lewis/Shu Zheng Li; Experience Design: Pon Katera/Shashank Raval/Paolo Benevenuto; Senior Producer: Alexandra Leite; Visual Design: Jihee Yoon/Alvaro Masa; Group Director - Production: Carol Park; Technology and Design Director: Katrina Bekessy; Experience Design Director: Karen Rainert; Senior Information Designer - Visual: Luca Masud; Senior Open Standards Developer: Rob Adams
The NEW The NEW Finalist Rethink Vancouver/Toronto Toronto Humane Society "Dog Caller" Rethink Canada Vancouver CANADA Toronto Humane Society Barbara Steinhoff Alex Aidar Rethink Vancouver/Toronto Ian Grais/Chris Staples/Aaron Starkman/Dre Labre Aaron Starkman/Mike Dubrick Joel Arbez Sarah Lasch Mathew Kett Tattoo Music Toronto Tyson Kuteyi An original Rethink invention, this thermal dog collar actually contacts a dog owner's smart phone if their pooch is in trouble. Made of a SIM card, a thermistor, a few LEDs and a coded chip, the Dog Caller operates like a cellphone without a keypad or screen. When the collar hits 26.5 degrees, the device will alert your phone via text message. The prototype collar is fully functional and together with the Toronto Humane Society we are working with designers and manufacturers, as well as looking to crowd-fund the final product with the end goal of having it widely available to the public in the New Year. Hacker/Engineer: Brent Marshall