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Public Service/Social Welfare


Entrant: serviceplan, Munich
Innocence in Danger
"The Daily Abuse"
  • Media Used:
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Innocence in Danger e.V.
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Anna Hacker
    Florian Klietz
  • Agency:
    serviceplan , Munich
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Maik Kaehler
    Christoph Nann
  • Creative Director:
    Marc Vosshall
  • Copywriter:
    Angeliki Karnoupaki
  • Art Directors:
    Iliés Terki Hassaine
    Robin Lorentschat
  • Agency Producer:
    Sven Simon
  • Creative Producer:
    Florian Panier
  • Graphic Designers:
    Christopher Hanebuth
    Christoph Klasen
  • Description of the Project:
  • Every day more then 240.000 children around the world are abused. That is enough to fill up a whole daily newspaper just with their names.
    Together with the organization Innocence in Danger, we brought an idea to life that talks to the public about it on Monday, the 19th of November – the International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse. A global newspaper to report what happens in the world every single day: the Daily Abuse. 48 pages of news showing nothing else but the names of 241.095 children who get physically and emotionally abused on a single day. In 174 articles it also reflects the complexity of child abuse. A giant collection of names to show a giant problem. The Daily Abuse was published in 9 languages in 23 of the worlds largest cities. With 720.000 copies this issue was recognized by more than a million readers and due to all their reactions and following discussions by more and more people all over the world.