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Electronic Equipment


Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather India, New Delhi (Gurgaon)
Philips LED Torch
  • Media Used:
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Philips Electronics India Ltd.
  • Client Account Director:
    Gaurav Dudeja
  • Agency Account Director:
    Chandana Agarwal
  • Agency:
    Ogilvy & Mather India , New Delhi (Gurgaon)
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Piyush Pandey
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Ajay Gahlaut
  • Creative Directors:
    Vikash Chemjong
    Basab Tito Majumdar
  • Copywriters:
    Ajay Gahlaut
    Vikash Chemjong
    Basab Tito Majumdar
  • Art Directors:
    Basab Tito Majumdar
    Vikash Chemjong
  • Photographer:
    Pankaj Arora
  • Description of the Project:
    BRIEF: Create communication for Philips LED torch - highlighting its white-light which was brighter and better than that thrown by torches with regular bulbs.
    SOLUTION: We began with the simple thought - the light from our torches was as bright as daylight. We discussed many ideas involving bats, owls, watchmen and more, shown in full daylight with the signoff - that’s what our torch light could do! It looked fine at the time, but soon we realised that while the picture had enough light, it didn’t have the product. So we thought, how about having light beaming out of our torch right down the middle of the poster? And, when we put that on paper, it literally changed our perspective about how the ad should be! And the difference, we must say, was as stark as night and day!
    RESULT: Website hits up by 9%. Store enquiry/walkins up by 12%. Sales up by 19%. Expectation of the client for another great campaign as a follow up - sky high!