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Script Writing


Entrant: Network#BBDO, Johannesburg
Mercedes Benz - Certified Pre-Owned
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Mercedes Benz
  • Client Account Director:
    Tracy Bergman
  • Agency Account Director:
    Rogan Bailey
  • Radio Station:
    Tuks FM
  • Agency:
    Network BBDO , Johannesburg
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Jenny Glover
    Brent Singer
  • Copywriters:
    Jared Osmond
    Greig Watt
  • Agency Producer:
    Desiree Leong Colom
  • Recording Studio:
    First Left , Johannesburg
  • Sound Designer:
    David Law
  • Audio Engineer:
    David Law
  • Voice-over:
    Ron Smerczack
  • Description of the Project:
  • MV:	Trimethylaminuria is almost as hard to pronounce as it is to live with, thinks Martin as he winds down the windows of his Mercedes-Benz. TMA, for short, is a rare condition that makes human sweat smell remarkably like Haddock Morne. An odour that gathers circling fruit flies and makes bystanders check their shoe soles for doo doo. Martin combats the stench with a technique best described as reverse 80’s power dressing, which includes sewing shoulder pads into the armpits of all his shirts. This nifty trick didn’t help one bit when, while on a cross-country business trip, a freak heat wave hit. During which his upholstery drank in kegs of his pungent perspiration. His vehicle now smells precisely like manhole 537c in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. Which is why this Winter, you’ll come across Martin’s Mercedes-Benz being sold for a ridiculously low price. We just hope you smell something, well, fishy. Because unless you buy a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz from us, there’s really no telling what you’re getting