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Silver Winner

Entrant: DDB New York, New York
Water is Life
"Hashtag Killer"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Water is Life
  • Agency:
    DDB New York , New York
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Matt Eastwood
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Menno Kluin
  • Copywriter:
    Frank Cartagena
  • Art Director:
    Sam Shepherd
  • Executive Agency Producer:
    Ed Zazzera
  • Agency Producer:
    Lindsey Hutter
  • Photographers:
    Alec Helm
    JT Elbracht
  • Director:
    Alec Helm
  • Motion Graphics:
    Gina Lin
  • Motion Graphics:
    Zeynep Aydogmus
  • Head of Design :
    Juan Carlos Pagan
  • Editors:
    Alec Helm
    Melanie Meditz
  • Retoucher:
    John Cason
  • Description of the Project:
  • "Hashtag Killer", a project by WATERisLIFE, set out to eradicate the ironic #FirstWorldProblems meme, in which people tweet about such life burdens as non-heated leather seats or forgetting their maid's last name - and, in the process, raise awareness about serious developing world issues.
    For the commercial, we gathered various "first world problem" tweets and then approached people in Haiti to recite them. Perhaps even more effective was the series of personalized response videos, in which various Haitians consoled those who had used the hashtag.