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Public Service/Social Welfare

Silver Winner

Entrant: The Martin Agency, Richmond
Cuban Missile Crisis 50th Anniversary
"Clouds Over Cuba"

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  • Corporate Name of Client:
    The JFK Presidential Library & Museum
  • Agency:
    The Martin Agency , Richmond
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Joe Alexander
  • Copywriter:
    Wade Alger
  • Art Director:
    Brian Williams
  • Agency Producers:
    Nicole Hollis-Vitale
    Kristen Little
  • Production Companies:
    Tool, Santa Monica
  • Director of Photography:
    Robert Richardson
  • Digital Production Company:
    Tool , Santa Monica
  • Digital Directors:
    Ben Tricklebank
    Erich Joiner
  • Executive Producers:
    Brian Latt
    Dustin Callif
    Oliver Fuselier
    Steve Humble
  • Interactive Producer:
    Kristen Koeller
  • Technical Director:
    Bartek Drozdz
  • Head of Digital Production:
    Joy Kuraitis
  • Digital Designer:
    Matt Gase
  • Editing Facility:
    Stitch , Santa Monica
  • Sound Design Company:
    Plan8 , Stockholm
  • Description of the Project:
  • Clouds Over Cuba is an interactive multimedia documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The feature begins with Castro's overthrow of Batista in 1959, and continues on until the missiles were removed in October 1962. Features include 15 expert interviews on related topics, a dossier of 200 related documents and images linked to the timeline of the film, mobile sync, tablet optimization, and calendar integration so you can attend JFK's secret meetings "live," 50 years later. Finally, a "What If?" short film depicts an alternate 2012 in which the crisis had escalated into nuclear war.