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Entrant: Anomaly, Toronto
"Four Corners",
"Red Light CN Tower",
"Red Light Iqaluit",
"How to Install",
"Talk to Me Canada"

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  • Plug-In:
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Labatt Breweries of Canada
  • Client Account Directors:
    Jorn Socque
    Kyle Norrington
    JR Edwards
    Alexis Smith
    Briar Wells
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Brent Rivard
    Dion Aralihalli
    Keltie Whit
    Allison Cornford
    Ashley McGill
    Vanessa Cote
  • Agency:
    Anomaly , Toronto
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Mike Byrne
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Pete Breton
    Dave Douglass
  • Creatives:
    Mike Warzin
    Taylor Twist
  • Copywriter:
    Ron MacDonald
  • Art Director:
    Dave Douglass
  • Director of Integrated Production:
    Jen Mete
  • Agency Producers:
    Leanne McLellan
    Sharon Langlotz
  • Programmers:
    Heung Lee
    Brian Ayzenman
  • Graphic Designers:
    Omar Morson
    Marie Rupolo
  • Directors of Photography:
    Peter Deming
    Mark Peachey
    Dave Douglass
  • Interactive Producer:
    Christian Ariganello
  • Technical Developers:
    Heung Lee
    Brian Ayzenman
  • Digital Designer:
    Jonathan Armstrong
  • Production Companies:
    OPC FamilyStyle
    Biscuit Filmworks
  • Production Companies Producers:
    Donovan Boden
    Harland Weiss
    Dennis Beier
  • Post-Production Companies:
    Shipping + Handling, Los Angeles
    CO3 NY, New York
    Alter Ego, Toronto
    Fort York , Toronto
  • Director:
    Andreas Nilsson
    Finn O'Hara
  • Post Production Producers:
    Patrick McElroy
    Sarah Brooks
    Melissa Kahn
  • Digital Production:
    Ransom Profit
  • Editing Facility:
    Spot Welders, Los Angeles
    School Editing
    Rooster, Toronto , Toronto
  • Editors:
    Robert Duffy
    Patrick Murphree
    Aaron Dark
    Christina Humphries
    Ryan Hunt
  • Sound Design Companies:
    Noise Digital, Los Angeles
    Sonic Kore, Toronto
    Silent Joe , Toronto
  • Audio Mix & Voice Casting:
    Lime Studios
  • Sound Designers:
    Kim Christensen
    Keith Ohman
  • Scored By:
    Silent Joe
  • Colourist:
    CO3, New York
    Alter Ego, Toronto
  • Product Development & Manufacturing:
    Buzz Products