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Entrant: The Monkeys, Sydney
"Reverse Robberies"

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  • Corporate Name of Client:
  • Agency Account Director:
    Gini Sinclair
  • Agency:
    The Monkeys , Sydney
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Justin Drape
  • Creative Directors:
    Micah Walker
    Scott Nowell
  • Copywriters:
    Benn Sutton
    Alex Derwin
  • Art Director:
    Matt Heck
  • Agency Producer:
    Jade Wannell
  • Digital Director:
    Ben Cooper
  • Technical Developer:
    Adam Robertson
  • Technical Director:
    Kynan Hughes
  • Flash Developer:
    Han Lee
  • Digital Designer:
    Brent Tunney
  • Sound Design Company:
    Song Zu , Sydney
  • Description of the Project:
  • Fans of Oak flavoured milk were complaining that they couldn’t find Oak in their local convenience store. Oak wanted to fix this, but they needed to know which neighbourhoods needed Oak the most. So we created Reverse Robberies. What’s a reverse robbery? It’s when guys wearing masks storm a convenience store not to rob it but to stock it with Oak. The first Reverse Robbery appeared on YouTube and invited fans to use Facebook to request a Reverse Robbery in their neighbourhood. There were 3000+ requests for Reverse Robberies. The campaign led to Oak launching in Queensland. Mission accomplished.