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Media Promotion


Entrant: Sancho BBDO Worldwide, Bogota
El Tiempo Newspaper/Web
"Voice Bank"

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  • Corporate Name of Client:
    El Tiempo Publishing House
  • Client Account Director:
    Tatiana Vergara
  • Agency Account Director:
    Monica Nieto
  • Agency:
    Sancho BBDO Worldwide , Bogota
  • Chief Creative Officers:
    Giovanni Martinez
    Hugo Corredor
  • Group Creative Directors:
    Diego Ortiz Gallego
    Gustavo Zapata
  • Creative Director:
    Alejandro Bermudez
  • Copywriters:
    Diego Ortiz Gallego
    Alejandro Bermudez
  • Art Director:
    Paloma Lario
  • Executive Agency Producer:
    Ana Maria Arango
  • Programmer:
    Francisco Andres Delgado
  • Production Managers:
    Denise Villamil Ariza
    Miguel Angel Galvis
    Alexandra Giraldo Ramirez
    Alex Hernando Ramirez
    Sandy Johana Calderon
  • Design Company:
    Sancho BBDO Worldwide , Bogota
  • Graphic Designers:
    Paloma Lario
    Gustavo Zapata
  • Illustrator:
    Gustavo Zapata
  • Digital Director:
    Paula Tejada
  • Technical Developer:
    Francisco Andres Delgado
  • Flash Developer:
    Francisco Andres Delgado
  • Flash Designer:
    Francisco Andres Delgado
  • Post-Production Companies:
    El Cisne, Bogota
    Sancho BBDO , Bogota
  • Editing Facility:
    El Cisne, Bogota
    Sancho BBDO , Bogota
  • Editors:
    Camilo Rosas
    Mauricio Agudelo
    Ricardo Garcia
    Alejandro Cartagena
  • Sound Design Company:
    Sancho BBDO Worldwide , Bogota
  • Sound Designer:
    Angela Blanco
  • Scored By:
    Machina Studio
  • Description of the Project:
  • Voice Bank. Internet for the blind people
    From 329.000 blind people in Colombia, 92% belong to low and middle class. Most of them have access to computers but not to Internet or Internet News, because the existing aids are extremely expensive, limited and hard to find.
    Just by clicking on a banner in, the Web Site from the most important newspaper in the Country, any sighted person can read a news article outloud and record it immediately, so it can also be available for the blind people on the site
    At, just by listening and using the number keys on their keyboard, blind people can surf the Web, as any other person that can see is able to, on a call center service, where they can listen to the news which are read by hundreds of Colombians, replacing the robotic voices, some devices use, by human voices.
    The VOICE BANK grows on daily basis, and each day we get more donors and news, generating a self-sufficient platform powered by users, very much like Wikipedia or TripAdvisor.
    Today, more Web Pages have activated the program and new contents are available for users, even some celebrities have joined the VOICE BANK, helping it grow and projecting it as the Internet for the blind people.