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Use of Copywriting Campaign


Entrant: INGO, Stockholm
Situation Stockholm
"CV - Markku",
"CV - Pierre",
"CV - Susanne",
"CV - Stig"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
  • Client Account Director:
    Pia Stolt
  • Agency Account Director:
    Kristian Florell
  • Agency Planner:
    Thomas Weigle
  • Agency:
    INGO , Stockholm
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Björn Ståhl
  • Copywriter:
    Björn Persson
  • Art Directors:
    Richard Baynham
    Timo Orre
  • Graphic Designer:
    Kerstin Engberg
  • Photographer:
    Jens Andersson
  • Description of the Project:
  • Situation Stockholm is a magazine sold by homeless people in Stockholm. It gives them some money to buy food and shelter. It was getting more and more difficult for the homeless to sell the magazine
    because people became emotionally blinded and didn't see them. Sales dropped 22% during 2012.
    By letting some of the sellers write their authentic CV's the public discovered them as persons, because now there was a life to relate to. In the cold winter the magazine is sold in and around the subway. By choosing a media close to the selling situation we made direct action possible.
    December is historically a generous month and the hope was set to a 50% sales increase compared to previous month. The actual increase was 101,5%. The december issue sold out a week early.