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Entrant: R/GA, New York
"McCormick FlavorPrint"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
  • Group Account Director - Client Services:
    Andrea Lennon
  • Managing Director - Planning:
    Andrea Ring
  • Group Executive Creative Director:
    Erin Lynch
  • SVP/Executive Creative Directors:
    Chloe Gottlieb
    Taras Wayner
  • Creative Director - Visual:
    Andrew Eaton
  • Associate Creative Director - Copy:
    Colleen Harlan
  • Agency:
    Mary Church
  • Group Technical Director :
    Micah Topping
  • Associate Creative Director - Data Visualization :
    Michael Lewis
    Shu Zheng Li
  • Experience Design:
    Pon Katera
    Shashank Raval
    Paolo Benevenuto
  • Senior Producer:
    Alexandra Leite
  • Visual Design:
    Jihee Yoon
    Alvaro Masa
  • Group Director - Production :
    Carol Park
  • Senior Information Designer - Visual:
    Luca Masud
  • Senior Open Standards Developer:
    Rob Adams
  • Advertising Agency:
    GA , New York
  • Description of the Project:
  • FlavorPrint is a service that helps consumers decode the flavors they already love, and invites them to discover, share and bring new flavors into their homes.
    Consumers can seek or share a new recipe, answer a quiz about flavor preferences, even shop for groceries. The more consumers engage, the smarter the service becomes.
    Recipes and products all get a unique FlavorPrint mark, allowing you to determine if something’s right for you.
    Your own personal FlavorPrint mark is a representation of your flavor preferences and a way for you to discover new flavors that you may
    not have otherwise explored.