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Entrant: McCann Erickson, New York
Paper Denim & Cloth
"Paper Denim & Cloth InstaShoot"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Paper Denim & Cloth
  • Agency:
    McCann New York , New York
  • Global Chief Creative Officers:
    Linus Karlsson
    Andreas Dahlqvist
  • Chief Creative Officers:
    Linus Karlsson
    Andreas Dahlqvist
  • Creative Directors:
    Adam Ulvegärde
    Robert Lund
  • Director of Integrated Production:
    Brian DiLorenzo
  • Agency Producers:
    Wendy Leahy
    Celeste Holt-Walters
  • Graphic Designer:
    Jean Shim
  • Graphics:
    Craig Donnelly
  • Director:
    Josh Gross
  • Post Producer:
    Jeff Fischer
  • Color:
    Juan Salvo
  • Editors:
    Josh Gross
    Larry Kapit
  • Music:
    Marmoset Music
  • Description of the Project:
  • In the summer of 2012 we re-launched New York fashion brand Paper Denim & Cloth. They needed an exciting way to reintroduce itself to consumers. A premium denim brand that had been quiet for a few years, Paper was unveiling its first full clothing line, and it needed not only a fresh way to showcase its clothes, but to also tell the world it was back. We decided to make the progressive decision to shoot their lookbook live on Instagram, using only an iPhone camera, with no postproduction except the use of the Valencia-filter on every photograph.