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Entrant: Rethink, Vancouver/Toronto
Toronto Humane Society
"Dog Caller"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Toronto Humane Society
  • Agency Account Director:
    Alex Aidar
  • Agency:
    Rethink , Vancouver
  • Copywriters:
    Aaron Starkman
    Mike Dubrick
  • Art Director:
    Joel Arbez
  • Agency Producer:
    Sarah Lasch
  • Editor:
    Mathew Kett
  • Music Production Company:
    Tattoo Music
  • Client Account Director:
    Barbara Steinhoff , Toronto
  • Creative Directors:
    Ian Grais
    Chris Staples
    Aaron Starkman
    Dre Labre
  • Music Producer:
    Tyson Kuteyi
  • Hacker/Engineer:
    Brent Marshall
  • Description of the Project:
  • An original Rethink invention, this thermal dog collar actually contacts a dog owner's smart phone if their pooch is in trouble.
    Made of a SIM card, a thermistor, a few LEDs and a coded chip, the Dog Caller operates like a cellphone without a keypad or screen. When the collar hits 26.5 degrees, the device will alert your phone via text message.
    The prototype collar is fully functional and together with the Toronto Humane Society we are working with designers and manufacturers, as well as looking to crowd-fund the final product with the end goal of having it widely available to the public in the New Year.