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Entrant: Leo Burnett Argentina, Buenos Aires
"GPS to get lost"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
  • Client Account Directors:
    Lucas Ramirez
    Pablo García Leyenda
  • Agency Account Director:
    Lucía Villamil
  • Agency:
    Leo Burnett Argentina , Buenos Aires
  • Global Chief Creative Officer:
    Mark Tutssel
  • Group Creative Director:
    Fernando Bellotti
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Luis Sanchez Zinny
    Carmelo Maselli
  • Creative Director:
    Dauquen Chabeldin
  • Copywriter:
    Francisco Ibarrola
  • Art Director:
    Emiliano Jabiu
  • Programmer:
    Lula Di-Chiara
  • Production Managers:
    Sofia Saravi
    Maria Kolliker
  • Photographer:
    Federico Cantini
  • Production Company:
    Pank , Buenos Aires
  • Directors:
    Facundo Españon
    Pablo Fusco
  • Executive Producer:
    Lucas Urquiza
  • Description of the Project:
  • Many 4x4 vehicles are sold in Argentina, but most of them never crossed the city limits.
    So, in order to position Jeep as the iconic 4x4 brand, encouraging people to go to places where others can´t we created a whole new 4x4 driving experience: a GPS TO GET LOST.
    An app that gives your GPS the ability to take you to “God knows where”.
    In order to launch it, we have developed a comprehensive campaign involving a TV commercial, a graphic campaign, street ad, Press, and non-traditional advertising in radio programs, articles in specialized media, as well as broadcasting of the action through the Twitter and Facebook accounts belonging to personalities related to the brand and the off-road world encouraging to visit, the web where anyone was able to download the application onto their GPS.
    The operation is very simple:
    Set your GPS in Get Lost mode.
    Choose the type of surface where you want to go.
    The GPS will take you to 1 of the 28 off-road spots lost in the middle of nowhere.
    Apart from working as a guide to get lost in nature, the GPS is a trip mate, because it tells you phrases such as the following on your way:
    "Say goodbye to your paved life." "Caution: it is forbidden to drive while wearing a tie.", "Advance 50 meters and turn wherever you want." "Congratulations, you are lost."