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Entrant: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
"Telekinize The Rainbow"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    The Wrigley Company Pty Ltd
  • Client Account Directors:
    Alexandra Skolarikis
    Leanne Pardede Rimando
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Anna Walters
    Emily Perrett
  • Planners:
    David Halter
    Ryan O'Connell
  • Agency:
    Clemenger BBDO , Sydney
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Paul Nagy
  • Associate Creative Director:
    Luke Hawkins
  • Copywriter:
    Ben Clare
  • Art Director:
    Luke Hawkins
  • Producer:
    Dave Flanagan
  • Associate Producer:
    Crystal Rata
  • Programmer:
    John Knuttson
  • Digital Creative Director:
    James Theophane
  • Developer:
    Joshua Brown
  • Robotics Engineer:
    Ben Cai
  • Graphic Designer:
    Airi Nakayama
  • Description of the Project:
  • Skittles wanted to enhance the social experience of their Australian and New Zealand Facebook fans. So we created a piece of technology that allowed people to take control of physical Skittles in the real world, and seemingly move them using their mind.
    To achieve this, we built WiFi-controlled robots - to which Skittles were attached via magnets. Then we developed facial recognition technology that read users’ eye movements via their webcam, and relayed the commands directly to the robots - enabling the world to move Skittles alongside one another in real-time (without completely knowing how they were doing it).