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Guerrilla Marketing


Entrant: Abby Norm, Stockholm
Adobe Nordic
"Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Adobe Nordic
  • Client Account Director:
    Mariah Andén
  • Agency Account Director:
    Andreas Morne
  • Agency:
    Abby Norm , Stockholm
  • Creative Directors:
    Emil Frid
    Olle Nordell
  • Interactive Creative Director/Art Director:
    Oskar Hellqvist
  • Copywriter:
    Dan Göransson
  • Assistant Art Director:
    Oscar Sjöqvist
  • Production Company:
    We are digital
  • Film Production:
  • Photographer & Retouch Artist:
    Erik Johansson
  • Final Art:
    Anders Grawin
  • Production Manager:
    Anna Fares
    Karin Lindevall
  • Project Manager:
    Gisela Bovin
  • Music:
    Hannes Lidén
    Bessem Bedziri
  • Description of the Project:
  • Brief
    With no media budget, Adobe wanted to promote its event Creative days and to move the brand image of Adobe from being seen as just a software provider, to becoming an enabler of creativity.
    The plan was to create a piece of content that would be innovative, fun and inspiring enough to reach our audience via social and news media. To make the content enforce Adobe’s position as a creative brand, we decided to highlight Photoshop – as it is Adobe’s strongest and most well-known brand – and showcase its creative potential.
    Using custom built software, a hidden camera crew and one of the best Photoshop artist around, we created the video The Photoshop Live- Street Retouch Prank. In the video we captured the priceless reactions of unsuspected commuters who were secretly photographed while waiting for a bus, and then photoshopped into amusing positions and implied relationships in the poster ad inside the bus stop.
    The YouTube-video reached 11 million views in 3 days, and is now at 15,726,683 views and counting. The stunt was featured on global media such as CNN, Al Jazeera and Fox, and spread around the world.