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Entrant: Grip Limited, Toronto
"The Movie Out Here"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Labatt Breweries of Canada
  • Account Services:
    John Miller
    Martin McClorey
    Brendon Sargent
    Sarah Henderson
    Eric Vieira
    Adam Luck
    Aaron Nemtean
  • Agency:
    Grip Limited , Toronto
  • Creative Directors:
    Scott Dube
    Randy Stein
  • Art Director:
    Catherine Allen
  • Agency Producer:
    Laurie Maxwell
  • Writer:
    Ian Simpson
  • Screenwriters:
    Rich Pryce-Jones
    David Chiavegato
    Matthew Bass
  • Production Company:
    Infinity Films
  • Director:
    David Hicks
  • Interactive Developers:
    Dylan Dempsey
    Justin Krinke
    Zack Ginies
    Hanna Chen
  • Agency:
    Naeem Ghafari
  • Interactive Art Directors:
    Joel Holtby
    Hiten Patel
    Ryan Dzur
  • Interactive Producer:
    Todd Harrison
  • Designer:
    Andy Slater
  • Studio:
    Teegan Skals
    Rob Wigington
    AJ Merrick
    Patrick Robinson
    Jody Wagner
    Steve Errett
    Nico Mexner
    Matt Maian
  • Editor:
    Griff Henderson
  • Audio Production:
    Post Modern
    Jingle Punks
  • Description of the Project:
  • Kokanee is a Western Canadian beer brand with a history of engaging consumers in unconventional ways. But people expect the unexpected from Kokanee, so we needed to engage them in a way that had never been done before. Ever.
    The big idea was to create a 90-minute movie to be released in theatres that our fans would participate in. The Beer Out Here would announce The Movie Out Here on TV, outdoor, online and social media. Consumers were encouraged to help “make” the movie.
    Online, they could audition for various roles, submit their own props, enter a song to be on the soundtrack, or vote for their favourite bar to be used as a key location. They could even get their name in the closing credits.
    Special packaging and movie collectibles like glassware were also created.
    While the movie was shooting, consumers had online access to behind-the-scenes videos where they could follow the production.
    After the movie was shot, Kokanee gave consumers the opportunity to attend premieres through an online and experiential activations.
    The movie premiered in November 2012 at the Whistler Film Festival and was released in cinemas across Western Canada on March 1, 2013. Yes, fans lined up to see their favourite brand on the big screen.