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Motion Graphics - Animation

Silver Winner

Entrant: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Noise International
"The Art of Noise"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Noise International
  • Account Manager:
    Samantha Pugh, Jennifer Ngu
  • Advertising Agency:
    M&C Saatchi
    Mark , Sydney
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Ben Welsh
  • Creative Director:
    Hamish Stewart
  • Associate Creative Director:
    Josh Bryer
  • Copywriters:
    Josh Bryer
    Hamish Stewart
  • Art Director:
    Gustavo Vampre
  • TV Producer:
    Christina Wilmot
  • Animation Company:
  • Digital Design & Production:
    Make Agency , Sydney
  • Sound & Music:
    Noise International
  • Concept/Cultural Reference:
  • TASK:
    Noise International is a sound studio based in Sydney. Our task was to help make them top-of-mind for agency creatives.
    Life in advertising has plenty of ups and downs.
    Demonstrate how well Noise understands creatives’ audio needs. Not just for ads, but on a deeper level: in their work lives. Build an interactive soundboard that demonstrates Noise’s understanding of life in advertising, using their expertise in sound. Simple proof that Noise can deliver sound for any advertising situation.
    The resulting video was a soundtrack to every creative's day, a flowing soundwave that illustrated the highs and lows of a typical day in advertising: something any creative could relate to. In matching with the sound effects and VO, this flowing soundwave seamlessly transitioned between each sound and image.
    Each image illustrated a scenario in a creative's day, from discovering your new brief is a turd, to cracking a major brief, to realizing that your bitching email was sent to all staff. Oops.
    Over 1400 visits to the Noiseboard website and a 355% increase in hits to the Noise International site upon campaign launch. All with no paid media.