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Use of Illustration Campaign


Entrant: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich
Zürcher Brockenhaus
"Riding Boots",
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Zürcher Brockenhaus
  • Client Account Director:
    Ueli Müller
  • Public Relations:
    Andrea Laube
    Olivia Neubauer
    Thore Lingel
  • Account Supervisor:
    Karin Krummenacher
  • Account Director:
    Livia Wanner
  • Advertising Agency:
    BBDO , Zurich
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Philipp Skrabal
  • Creative Directors:
    Andi Portmann
    Hanspeter Schweizer
  • Copywriter:
    Andi Portmann
  • Art Director:
    Raul Serrat
  • Design Director:
    Keira Rathbone
  • Graphic Designer:
    Cornelia Eiwanger
  • Illustrator:
    Keira Rathbone
  • Concept/Cultural Reference:
  • Zurich Brockenhaus is Switzerland’s largest second-hand store. Despite the popularity of vintage shops, visitor numbers were down. But: How to compete with new products when you have second-hand items and a small budget?
    We created a cultural event at the Brockenhaus: an audio tour entitled Stories only second-hand goods can tell. Thus, we made second-hand items unique, and opened up all channels for cultural communication: Swiss TV made the Brockenhaus a national event.