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Environmental Installations/Displays - Temporary

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Loducca, São Paulo
Shopping Villalobos Clothing Drive
"A Loja Vazia"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Shopping Villalobos
  • Client Account Director:
    Roberta Naveiro Garcia
  • Client Services Director:
    Fernão Cosi
  • Planner VP:
    Ken Fujioka
  • Media Director:
    Rodrigo Tamer
  • Agency Account Directors:
    Fabiane Veiga
    Tatiana Moliterno
  • Agency:
    Loducca , São Paulo
  • Creative Directors:
    Guga Ketzer
    Cássio Moron
    Fábio Saboya
    Sérgio Mugnaini
  • Copywriters:
    Raphael Franzini
    Fábio Saboya
    Marcelo Rosa
    Weber Luiz De Andrade
  • Art Director:
    Alexandre Amaral
  • Executive Producers:
    Ana Luisa André
    Sid Fernandes
  • Design Company:
    Loducca , São Paulo
  • Design Director:
    Gustavo De Lacerda
  • Designers:
    Gustavo De Lacerda
    Eduardo Tallia
  • Graphic Designers:
    Gustavo De Lacerda
    Eduardo Tallia
  • Concept/Cultural Reference:
  • Brazil is a tropical country but São Paulo gets pretty cold during the winter. So, can we avoid the usual donations drop boxes and promote the annual Winter Clothing Drive? Empty hangers, empty shelves, empty windows in a transparent shop with no roof so everyone from anywhere in the shopping mall could see that the store was empty and in need of donations.