Network Of The Year: Ogilvy

Public Service/Social Welfare

Bronze Winner

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Entrant: Ogilvy Group, London
Green's End, Woolwich
"The Power Of Cute"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    The Royal Borough Of Greenwich
  • Agency:
    OgilvyOne , London
  • Executive Creative Directors:
    Emma de la Fosse
    Charlie Wilson
  • Copywriters:
    Jon Morgan
    Mike Watson
  • Art Directors:
    Mike Watson
    Jon Morgan
  • Illustrator:
    The Paintsmiths
  • Description of the Project:
  • As the London riots of 2011 died down, anti-social behavior in Greenwich, South London continued. Greenwich Council asked us to help find a way to stop the problem minority from destroying their own community.
    Scientists recently proved that images of babies faces actually triggers caring behavior in adults, so we wanted to conduct a social experiment.
    We believed that the security shutters that were being ripped from the shop fronts could be part of the problem – they seemed to alienate people and invite crime. We wanted to conduct a social experiment and see if we could use the shutters as part of the solution.
    We decided to use the inhuman metal shutters as our media, turning them into giant portraits of babies from the local neighborhood.
    Other communities around the world, from Belfast to The Bronx, discussed the Greenwich project. And one area with a history of troubles, Northern Ireland, is planning to run their own ‘babies’ project this year.
    One year on crime has fallen by 18% in the immediate area of the shops. And none of the shutters have been vandalized.
    The locals have shown a real love for the babies, proved by the fact that they remain totally untouched by graffiti and vandalism for a whole year.