Network Of The Year: Ogilvy

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Low Budget

Silver Winner

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Entrant: Ogilvy Germany, Duesseldorf
Supporting Homeless People
"The Art of Survival"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Franciscans Duesseldorf
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Dr. Stepahn Vogel
  • Executive Creative Director:
    Thomas Schwarz
  • Associate Creative Director:
    Rabea Fischer
  • Copywriters:
    Anna Wiegand
    Hanna Amend
  • Art Directors:
    Meike Herr
    Sara Bitting
    Charlotte Lippert
    Kathrin Meier
  • Production Company:
    Nasty little girl Films , Duesseldorf
  • Director:
    Florian Meimberg
  • Producer:
    Claudia Reissen
  • Director of Photography:
    Rene Richter
  • Cinematographer:
    Florian Meimberg
  • Post-Production Company:
    Pirates 'N Paradise , Duesseldorf
  • Sound Design Company:
    Studio Funk , Duesseldorf
  • Music Production Company:
    Tinseltown Music Productions , Koeln
  • Music Producer:
    Lucian Crisovan
  • Music Composer:
    Cesar F. Parker
  • Song Title: