Network Of The Year: Ogilvy

Public Service/Social Welfare


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Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather, Auckland
Brothers In Arms Youth Mentoring
"P (Methamphetamine)"
  • Corporate Name of Client:
    Brothers In Arms Youth Mentoring
  • Client Account Director:
    Wade McMillian
  • Agency Account Director:
    Kelly Couburn
  • Radio Station:
    Base FM
  • Agency:
    Ogilvy & Mather , Auckland
  • Creative Director:
    Kim Ellison
  • Copywriters:
    Freddie Coltart
    Matt Williams
  • Agency Producer:
    Aileen McKellar
  • Recording Studio:
    Redworks , Auckland
  • Audio Engineer:
    Francis Linehan
  • Description of the Project:
  • Brothers in Arms is a youth mentoring organization in Auckland City that pairs mentors with at risk children regularly exposed to drugs, alcohol and gang culture. Many of these youths come from solo parents and low socio-economic backgrounds. To demonstrate the need for positive role modeling in their lives, we got these children to talk to us in methodical detail about the dangerous criminal activities they'd been taught by people around them, things no one , especially a child, should ever have learned how to do.